Flowers on a budget...

Believe it or not, flowers can really impact the wow factor of your wedding day and I feel they are sometimes, in this day and age more over looked as a less essential part of a wedding day than maybe they used to be back in the good old days.

I've been doing some research this afternoon and the feeling I get is that couples getting married feel that they cost of flowers is way too high and they are being ripped off. I can totally see where they are coming from, before I became a florist I would've said the same however when you consider the time that goes into putting together arrangements it's no wonder the price can be on the high side, I kid you not, the last wedding I did I was awake almost 3 days straight, catching a couple of hours sleep here and there, having to be reminded to eat and drink as I was so against the clock.

The catch of working with something that only has a short shelf life.

Months of planning and re planning, making sure everything was perfect. It's a highly labour intensive job and the level of detail needed is beyond what I would've believed.

Of course there are ways to keep costs down for you betrothed couples that don't involve you having do to things yourself. the last thing a bride or groom wants to be doing the day before their wedding is arranging flowers after all.

Find a florist (such as me, for example) that will help you to pick British seasonal flowers and you could also incorporate foliage and other small flowers to act as great fillers. If you choose to have a bouquet that consists of purely Peonies or Ranunculus out of season (or even in season) then you will be paying a handsome price, however swap some of those budget bursting blooms for carnations or the traditional rose and some fillers like Lily of the Valley, Gyp, Solidago or Euphorbia you will not only bring down the cost but you'll also add depth and interest to your arrangements making them not just a non essential but as something that makes your day stand out from the rest!

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