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Flowers for my Grandmother

When my Grandmother passed away in early November I really wanted to do her funeral flowers. She LOVED flowers and I wanted to do something extra special. We were so close and it was important to do her proud. Everytime I went to visit I would bring her flowers. I wanted to reflect my love for her in the execution of these designs. I have done a little funeral work before but I'd shied away from it as I thought it too sad but doing my Grandmothers final flowers has changed my perspective and it's an honour to do it.

I wanted to stay away from Chrysanthemums. I understand why they're used as they're cheap and robust and do a damn good job but as I was doing them myself, I could afford to splurge a little. I made a beautiful Nan arrangement out of a mix of vintage style roses and carnations in rich, velvety pinks, cappuccino and creams. I would call the style, luxury vintage. I also made a Mum one in stunning sweet williams and more vintage dusky pink and cappuccino coloured carnations and a spray for the top of the coffin using the same flowers but I added some pale delphinium, wax flowers, cream roses, eucalyptus and ruscus which gave it a really vintage feel, which I know she would've loved and I feel it resonated with her youth.

It made me think, going forward about funeral work I take on and I definitely would like to create more of these, I'm sure I can make a more cost effective arrangements, using a mixture of cheaper flowers in creams and pinks like s but then add a smattering of gorgeous roses to give it that luxury feel. Funeral flowers don't have to be generic or gloomy and if someone loved flowers or just had a fabulous personality, this can be reflected in their farewell flowers.

This job was a real labour of love and I couldn't have left it in anyone else's hands but my own. Farewell Nan, it's been an honour to have been your Granddaughter and you will always be remembered with love.

Yours forever. Jem x

RIP Eileen Spicer- 1933-2017


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