Seasonal wedding flowers for the spring

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

March is finally upon us! The first hint of Spring is in the air and the long winter is almost behind us so it's a great time for wedding flowers. The promise of sunshine, warmer days, Easter and new baby animals. It's a fantastic time to hold a wedding and to be alive. A new start for everyone and the beginning of a new life as a married couple. Although I'd argue that every month has something marvellous to offer, even dull old January, there is something about the spring that is particularly special. The flowers are fragrant, colours are bright and abundant and of course there's a wide variety of beautiful in season blooms to consider.

At Floral Jems, I love to work with seasonal flowers to help limit the carbon footprint of my business and I work with couples to give them advice about what to choose. Of course there are flowers available at this time that aren't considered in season, like popular peonies for example but you'll pay a handsome price for them and quality won't be as good as they would a couple of months down the line.

Check out this gallery with all the in season blooms for your spring wedding..

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